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A Christopher Thompson protege?

Seriously, I can only hope this guy has not bred. From Oregonlive.com: “The SUV turns into Santos and almost hits him,” Sheffer said. “About a block later, the driver stopped so suddenly that Santos had to veer into oncoming traffic. … Continue reading

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Road-Raging Driver Hits Two Cyclists in Portland

And he’s still out there. Or she. Although from the description of the car I’d be willing to bet real money it was a male driver as this model is very popular with young males. (note: the photo is a … Continue reading

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Good News — Bike Recovered!

A couple months ago Andrew Taylor’s custom Marin Alcatraz was stolen from the Marin van at the Portland Bicycle Show, and yesterday, it was recovered, thanks to Portlander Sam Iesette: If you been riding long enough, you’ve probably had a … Continue reading

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Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030

If you live in the Portland, OR area, please consider contacing Mayor Sam Adams’ office to support the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030. The City Council hearing is set for February 4. You can either mail or e-mail a letter, … Continue reading

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Cat City

All my cat-loving friends will be delighted to learn that Portland ranks as one of the 10 most cat-friendly cities in the U.S. From the Portland Business Journal: Portland is among the top 10 cat-friendly cities in the nation, according … Continue reading

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Christmas Music

This is a little plug for my local classical music radio station, KBPS. If you’re ready to throw something if you hear “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, or “Jingle Bell Rock” one more time, I would like to invite you … Continue reading

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Community Bike Programs

I ran across Dublin Community Blog via Just Williams in which a scheme is in the works to provide public bicycles in the city of Dublin. I knew Portland had its Yellow Bike Program years ago, but hadn’t heard anything … Continue reading

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