Road-Raging Driver Hits Two Cyclists in Portland

A 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX sedan in San Francis...

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And he’s still out there. Or she. Although from the description of the car I’d be willing to bet real money it was a male driver as this model is very popular with young males. (note: the photo is a stock photo from Wikipedia, not the assailant’s vehicle). The person who hit two cyclists this morning, apparently intentionally from the way it sounds, was driving a silver Subaru WRX, and left a fog light behind after hitting the second victim, who ended up on his hood. From KPTV:

“He was right on my tail and he was revving his engine. I turned back to look at him and he was (trying) to get past me,” Lieber said. “At that point in time he just raced by me, clipped the front of my bike and caused me to turn over and go down.”Witnesses on the scene say a silver Subaru WRX sent Lieber sprawling onto the pavement and drove off.

As the driver sped off, he rounded a corner and hit the second victim. Luckily, both survived with minor injuries. As Lieber observed, most Portland drivers are perfectly patient, safe and courteous towards cyclists, we are extremely lucky in that regard. If anyone knows anything about who the driver was in these incidents, you know what to do.

UPDATE 9/23/2010: Further info found at The Oregonian, confirming the driver was male, and sounding a little crazed:

After hitting Lieber, the driver of the silver Subaru sped off on Northeast First Avenue, police said. He reportedly raced around the Oregon Convention Center and blew through a red light at Multnomah Street just east of the Interstate 5 overpass near the Rose Garden.

When the driver realized he had hit a dead end near the Rose Garden, “he whipped around and came back,” said witness Wendy Unverricht of Portland. “He was flying when he hit the woman on the bike. He hit her hard.”

I don’t know why some of the commenters on the various news sites think this is acceptable behavior. There is no indication either of these two were ‘hogging the road’ or doing anything wrong.


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