This is it!

Can you imagine this happening in the U.S.? Neither can I. But I can DREAM, can’t I???

Where to put the bike lane. Brilliant! Photo by Bill Taylor

From the Toronto Star:

On at least one street in Roanne, a pleasant town northwest of Lyon, the barrier is made up of parked cars. The parking lane is outside the bike lane, ensuring that no one leaves a car next to the curb, forcing cyclists out into the traffic.

Someone in Roanne’s infrastructure office was thinking, if not outside the box, then certainly beyond the conventional layout of a city street.

Just think: No more ‘door prizes,’ or risking being hit by a driver pulling away from the curb without looking. Wow. Sheer brilliance. Right now the closest we have is when the road shoulders are painted as bike lanes, but I’ve never seen this where cars park along the street.


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