Biking Season

I haven’t started biking to work yet, although next month is the BTA (Bicycle Transportation Alliance) Walk & Bike Challenge for teachers, students, and parents. And by “students” they mean grade school to college.

The best I could do this morning was a couple of photos on my drive in to work of some of the scenery I see. It’s a pretty commute the way I drive, almost all backroads. I don’t take the highway unless there’s something unusual going on, because the few times I have I have gotten stuck in traffic due to multiple accidents. Anyway, here’s some scenery to enjoy. I didn’t even notice the rainbow until I looked at the photos on my computer.

morning commute

Typical Oregon Day


A small treat

Part of the route I ride when I do ride

Farther down the road

This section is the part I like, although going back in the other direction is where I hit those hills that kick my butt. The grades are a little steeper than they look in the photos. This is the nice section of my ride, the rest of it is a more in traffic, and narrower shoulders on the roads. Some of it gets a bit hairy, but so far no real issues (knocking furiously on wood). I see more people riding everyday so I’m starting to feel like a total slouch. Oh well, soon, soon…


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