Help Protect Sea Turtles

Ok, I’m on about sea turtles again. As a resident of Oregon, I want to be part of this effort to help and protect these lovely, gentle animals. If you would too, please follow the links to add your voice.                         Banner

Each year, Pacific leatherback turtles migrate 12,000 miles from Indonesia to the ocean waters off the U.S. West Coast. This is the farthest known migration of any marine reptile and a dangerous one. Along this journey, they encounter poachers, destruction of their habitat, and deadly commercial fishing gear.

But you have a chance to offer these incredibly endangered turtles safe passage in U.S. waters.

Act now to support a dedicated safe zone for Pacific leatherbacks »

Protect Turtles for Earth Day »

Pacific leatherbacks are some of the oldest creatures on Earth. Support protections this Earth Day to make sure they stick around for a lot longer.

Act Now
In a historic move, the federal government released a proposal that would establish more than 70,000 square miles of critical habitat off the coast of Washington, Oregon and California as a “safe zone” for Pacific leatherback sea turtles. This is a tremendous opportunity to protect these magnificent, endangered turtles.

But we can do so much more.

The current proposal would not evaluate the impact of pelagic longline gear and driftnets – commercial fishing gear known to harm turtles –  to key leatherback migratory areas and feeding hot spots. Also, waters known to be greatly important to leatherback sea turtles may be left out of the safe zone.

Take action to support current protections and provide complete protection of critical Pacific waters »

Pacific leatherbacks have been swimming our planet’s oceans for millions of years. This Earth Day, help make sure they are around on our Earth for millions more.

Ben EnticknapFor the oceans,
Ben Enticknap
Pacific Project Manager, Science

PS. Once you’ve taken action, help spread the word: email your friends, post on Twitter, and share on Facebook.


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