New Bike Lane on Morrison Bridge

Portland now boasts a brand new fifteen-ft.  wide bike lane on one of its bridges. The Morrison Bridge now has a lovely new bike lane, which is expected to draw some of the – get this – 7,000, yes seven thousand, bikes that cross the Hawthorne Bridge every day. There’s also a wall between the bike lane and the car lanes, which seems like a really good idea.

Naturally, this is causing the usual grumbling from the usual quarters. Because god knows they’d rather have another 7,000 cars on the road. I guess some people really enjoy traffic congestion and expensive parking.

And in other news…

The weekend of April 10 – 11 brings us The Bicycle Show from Pedal Nation Events at the Oregon Convention Center. There will be exhibitors from all sorts of biking-related retailers, in addition to workshops on bike maintenance (some specifically for women by Gracie’s Wrench),  commuting tips, in addition to a Pimp’d Bike Contest, stunt riding, and more. The Convention Center is even bringing in extra bike racks for those who logically want to ride their bikes to the event. Admission is $7 at the door, but as of this evening you can attend for free by registering online.


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