New Bike Safety Laws for Boise Riders

Good news for riders in Boise. Yesterday the City Council passed new laws to protect cyclists and pedestrians, but which also hold cyclists accountable for unpredictable reckless behavior, such as swerving on and off sidewalks.

From KCBI in Boise:

Drivers will now be expected to yield to cyclists at intersections, leave at least three feet of distance between bikes and cannot cut bicycles off when turning. Cyclists are now legally required to give a warning before passing someone on the sidewalk, dismount in crowded pedestrian areas and cannot ride recklessly swerving on and off of sidewalks

Here’s the part I like.

A third part to the change applies to drivers and pedestrians. It states that harassment and intimidation of cyclists is prohibited as well as throwing objects at bikes and attempting to disrupt their path.

I’m shocked, frankly, that there weren’t already laws on the books to cover this sort of thuggish behavior. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me as a cyclist (although I know plenty of other riders who have), but once as a pedestrian I had something thrown at me and hit me in the back.

After three cyclist fatalities last summer, John Warnell has started the Look! Save a Life movement (Web site under construction, but I’ve shown the logo above).

Everyplace, not just Boise, needs to enact the same kinds of laws to protect cyclists and pedestrians. If you haven’t been to the Transportation for America site, they have a lot of information and grim statistics on how many cyclists and pedestrians are hit and killed each year. Our streets need to be designed, not just for cars, but for every mode of transportation, whether that’s your feet, your bike, the bus, and so on. You can also see how your own state fares in comparison to the rest of the U.S. in pedestrian fatalities, how many people ride public transit, what condition the roads are in and other things.


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