Dr. Jekyll (Christopher Thompson) Sentenced to Five Years

UPDATE:LA Streetsblog is reporting:

…the defense’s motion for probation was denied. Dr. Christopher Thompson will receive five years in jail. Thompson received two years for assault with a deadly weapon for his attack on Ron Peterson with a three year enhancement for causing great bodily injury.

BikinginLA is reporting Dr. Jekyll got FIVE YEARS. Details to follow.

So after all this time, and all the other tragic deaths and injuries of cyclists due to negligent motorists (and there have been not a few, sadly) the reason I became so obsessed with this particular case was because it was not an ‘accident’, it involved a man who really should have known better, a former ER doctor who more than anyone should have understood the damage a motor vehicle can inflict on a human body. And yet here he was, despite having sworn to do no harm, wielding that vehicle as a weapon in a fit of rage over having to slow down his car. He was sitting on his overpaid, fat ass in his cushy car, and he had to slow down. And that’s what caused him to come unglued and try to kill two cyclists.

That, to me, is what makes this case so much more egregious than any of the others. It was deliberate, and it was from a man who has held himself up as a pillar of the community, being accorded trust simply by virtue of his profession. And it wasn’t a one-off instance. This was at least his second road-rage incident towards cyclists. It was not a moment of weakness, a temporary lapse in judgment. He felt entitled. He was remorseless, telling the officers on the scene that he ‘wanted to teach them a lesson.’ That is the most mind-boggling part, because even if that were true it is so completely irresponsible this man should never be allowed behind the wheel of a car again.

Many, many thanks to BikinginLA and DJ Wheels, and especially ADA Mary Stone for all their efforts in this whole saga. Ted, you and DJ Wheels are the best.

This case is at an end, but we all know it will not be the last of its kind, unfortunately. Drive safely, ride safely.


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