Thursday Night Vigil for Gordon Patterson


A candlelight vigil for Patterson will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday outside the high school at the courtyard. Participants are asked to wear white, echoing the white lab coats that Patterson often wore in his class as well as the high school’s hallways, greeting students he knew and those he didn’t.

Interestingly, I am wearing a white shirt and sweater today, although I don’t think I can make it to the vigil.

On the driver of the car who hit him:

Cellestine has a lengthy criminal record. He either pleaded guilty or was found guilty of a series of charges ranging from assault and marijuana possession to theft and possessing stolen property going back to 2006, (Deputy Prosecutor James) David said.

There is also some indication that he (Cellestine) had once taken a class from Patterson, but the school is unable to confirm that due to privacy laws.


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One Response to Thursday Night Vigil for Gordon Patterson

  1. Alexandra says:

    I miss you, Uncle Gordon.

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