Another September Looms, Another Bike Commute Challenge



I came a little late to the party last year, I think, but I’m already signed up for the Bike Commute Challenge, sponsored by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance here in Portland. At least this year I could sign up as “I rode last year.”

With the wretched heat we’ve been having this summer it’s really put a damper on how many days I could ride. We’re looking at 99-100 or so today again, so obviously I didn’t ride in today. By Friday it’s supposed to be back to normal, low 80s so I’m hoping to get back in the saddle. It’s been too long, and I know my muscles are going to complain mightily. Mentor has already logged 140 miles this month. Me – zero.


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3 Responses to Another September Looms, Another Bike Commute Challenge

  1. Dave says:

    Man, this summer was nasty – I managed to ride in the 100 degree heat, but often stopped halfway home to get a drink or something. Considering we have had a rather warm winter, here’s hoping we don’t have a repeat of that summer.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Hi Dave,

    Yeah, that 100 degree stuff was just too much for me. Even 90 can be too much for me on those still days with no breeze. I’ve had to accept the fact that I just do not do well in heat. Maybe I should move to Finland 😉

  3. Dave says:

    Yeah, my wife and I have actually considered moving to Northern Europe, partly for that exact reason 🙂 I’ve found being out in all types of weather more, I cope better with different types of weather, but I still hate really hot weather, for sure, summer is my least favorite season 🙂

    Have been happy to have some sun the last few days though, it was even getting a little gloomy for me with all the dreary, misty days 🙂

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