WTA Carefree Commuter Challenge



Another attempt to get those of us in the Portland/Vancouver metro area out of our cars and using alternate means of transportation is upon us. The Westside Transportation Alliance is running the Carefree Commuter Challenge with lots of fun prizes to be won. All you have to do is take alternate means of transportation to work at least six days during the month of July (and of course register for the challenge).

Every July, throughout the Metro region, companies participate in an event that offers a supportive, fun environment for trying sustainable transportation: the Carefree Commuter Challenge. Employees track their sustainable commute trips during the month to win great prizes and pats on the back. Transit, walking, bicycling, carpooling and vanpooling all count, and so does telecommuting. The CCC also creates a friendly competition among businesses of like size for awards and high praise. Sponsors and in-kind contributors make it all possible by donating cash and prizes. This annual event creates a change that lasts.

I hadn’t actually paid any attention to the announcement that came out in the corporate newsletter. Then Mentor came by my desk this morning, saw I had ridden in today, chatted about the Tour de France, and naturally encouraged me to sign up for this. So I signed up. One down, at least 5 to go. I was hoping to try riding in three days this week, but we’ll see…


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