Warm at last!

We finally hit the 60s this past weekend, so I took advantage and got out on the bike. Saturday I just ran a couple errands around town: Post office, Office Depot for ink cartridges to print my tax return (which I still haven’t done), and then Sunday morning got so warm so early I was out by 9:45 for a nearly two-hour ride, right around 20 miles. I did get a couple nice photos, since I had the forethought to bring the camera along. I got one of Mt. Saint Helens, which is zoomed way in, I’m not really this close to it. The sky had some high thin clouds making the picture a little hazy but there she is and happily she’s not erupting.

Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens

I wasn’t here for the 1980 eruption (I was far, far away, practically in another universe) but I understand that even where I live they had ash covering everything.

And a shot of part of the Coast Range, with some snowy spots. The areas covered in snow are clear-cuts.


I saw quite a number of other cyclists on the road. I passed a small peloton of 20 or so going the opposite direction as I was coming back from Iowa Hill (yes, I tried it but I’m so out of shape from the winter I didn’t get anywhere near where I was last year), most of whom called out a greeting as they passed. I think I only saw 3 other women out riding, but they all smiled and said hi or good morning.

The water table is way up from the winter. Fields are bogs now but they’ll be dry again in another month or so.

I’m almost ready to start riding to work again, my mentor tells me even at 6:00 a.m. now it’s pretty light. If it doesn’t get any colder than mid-30s overnight I can do it, but it’s still dropping down into the 20s many nights, and I’m just not outfitted for that kind of cold.


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4 Responses to Warm at last!

  1. Sam Tamlyn says:

    When my husband and I go bike riding, we are always amazed at how much friendlier others are than when we are in our car. Other bikers smile, wave, shout good morning, whatever–makes you feel better about getting out there. Both of us have bad knees, so bike riding is the perfect exercise, but we aren’t nearly as dedicated as you are. 🙂

  2. Digital Dame says:

    It does seem to put people in a good mood. It’s an instant sense of camaraderie, too, since so few people bike in this country. One of my co-workers thought I was nuts when I told her how as soon as I get on my bike I’m happy, and you can’t help smiling. Until she got a bike 😉 Now she’s almost as much of a fanatic as I am.

  3. Les says:

    With views like that I’d be cycling in the snow!

  4. Digital Dame says:

    Hi Les,

    Yeah, except when it’s snowing of course you can’t see anything 😉 Been so cloudy lately the mountains appear to be away on vacation. And who can blame them?

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