Cleaner Climate, Better Transportation

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Transportation For America March 2009
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Cleaner climate, better transportation
This will almost certainly be the year that Congress finally passes global warming legislation. But when they do, they’ll be leaving out a huge chunk of the problem if they don’t include a plan to reduce emissions from transportation – the source of roughly one-third of all carbon emissions in the U.S.

A proposal now in Congress called CLEAN-TEA would help clean up transportation by directing money raised through global warming legislation to the kinds of smart transportation investments that will lower emissions. It would direct funding to clean transportation investments – like public transportation and passenger rail, affordable neighborhoods around transit stops, and neighborhood improvements that increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Help us make sure CLEAN-TEA makes it into the climate bill this year. Send a letter to the Chair of the Energy Committee today!

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2 Responses to Cleaner Climate, Better Transportation

  1. Les says:

    Do really think the US Congress will pass anything substantial?

    It seems to me that a faltering economy is another way to control greenhouse gases. If we stop buying cars, then the manufacturers stop making them, less fuel is used, and so on….

    An odd perspective I know —- but kinda true.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Oh god no. We’ve all seen enough by now to know politicians don’t do anything that doesn’t result in them garnering some measure of fame. This will be a blip on the radar, but maybe we’ll get a little something. That’s all we can do, keep chipping away at them and hope to end up with something worthwhile eventually.

    Yes, it’s a weird by-product for those of us concerned with greenhouse gases. It won’t last, though. Things will turn around eventually, as they always do, and it’ll be back to business as usual. People have very short memories.

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