Bike Tax being shot down

I was relieved to read that this proposed bike tax is not likely to become a reality any time soon. Cyclists (probably 90% at least) also own cars, and therefore pay registration fees already, and put less wear and tear on the roads by using bikes instead of cars for some (if not most) trips. And as far as ‘adding bike lanes’ goes, it mostly just consists of painting the bike symbol in the existing road shoulders, as far as I can see. There sure aren’t any specially designed bike lanes out here in the ‘burbs, or out in the country where I ride and drive. Do we tax bus riders extra for using bus stops? I bet we all pay for the construction of bus stops out of our taxes. We all paid extra taxes for the MAX, whether we are riders of that system or not. If we’re going to start playing this game, let’s let the SUV drivers start paying their fair share for the extra pollution their vehicles create (they’re not held to the same standard as passenger cars), the extra wear on the roads caused by the bloated size and weight of these monster vehicles, and so on.


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2 Responses to Bike Tax being shot down

  1. Sam Tamlyn says:

    It seems kind of ridiculous to hear, “Ride bikes! It’s better for the environment!” followed by, “Good job! Now you have to pay for helping the environment!” They tried to sneak this same type of thing through back when they imposed helmet laws in Texas, and it didn’t pass. I doubt this will either.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Yes, that’s the irony. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Fortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to fly here either. I also had to wonder at what age registration would become mandatory. I can’t see enforcing this on every 10-year-old who rides a bike around the neighborhood. The bureaucracy would suffocate them.

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