And I thought it was cold the other day…

Wow, was it cold this morning. Thirty-two (count ’em, 32) degrees Fahrenheit when I left my house this morning. Layering is king. Had the bike shorts under the leggings as usual, but that’s not really going to cut it if it gets any colder. You know how your skin turns red when it’s cold? My legs looked like I had 3rd degree burns by the time I got to work. I had my wool hiking socks on, wasn’t sure if they’d fit in the biking shoes but they did. My toes were still nearly frostbitten, must look into those toe covers for the shoes. Shirts– I had two on: the bikey shirt, then a cotton t-shirt, then the arm warmers, then the windbreaker jacket. Not too bad, but could have been a smidge warmer. Perhaps a fleece vest? The new gloves were better than the fingerless, but until I really got warmed up my fingertips were still frigid. I think that’s more of a circulation problem, I’m not sure anything short of those arctic gloves will help and they’re too bulky to ride with. Face and neck weren’t too bad, but again any colder and I’ll want one of those balaclava things.

It was so dark when I dropped the car at my usual spot, the sky was still pitch black and the stars were shining brightly. Orion was up, and I could even see the nebula. I wished I had my telescope! It didn’t even start getting light until nearly 7:00. There was slightly more traffic to light the road this morning, but I didn’t really push it, still took it kind of slow watching for road hazards and critters that might be about.

It’ll be warmer on the way home, supposed to hit about 60ºF today so I brought the fingerless gloves and won’t put on quite all the layers this afternoon. It promises to be really pretty so I am very much looking forward to riding on a perfect autumn afternoon. Since I haven’t been riding lately, everytime I pass or see a cyclist on the road in this fine autumn weather all I could think about was getting back on the bike. I’m hoping to get some pictures on the way home, so I’ll be taking my time. If it’s clear enough I’ll get the promised shot of Mt. Hood.


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4 Responses to And I thought it was cold the other day…

  1. Dean says:

    Do you have a hat? A nice thin wool cycling cap like Shaun Deller makes. Expensive, but really nice. The little bill is easy to slip down over your eyes to protect from sun & rain/snow.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the tip. I checked them out, for 100% merino wool they seem pretty reasonably priced (not bargain basement cheap, but far less than I was expecting).

  3. Dean says:

    I got the alpine design, used it since last fall in NJ weather. Its pretty thin, 2 layers of thin wool, but I’m not really apt to get cold.

  4. Digital Dame says:

    Since I have long hair, I’m not used to my neck being cold! When I pull my hair back to ride I’m suddenly aware of the air temp on the back of my neck.

    At the moment rain is more of an issue than cold. It’s actually warmed up here a bit since that frigid day, but the rains have begun so now I’m more concerned about fenders for the bike. The time change has helped, too, it’s not quite as dark in the mornings now, but it’s dark as night when I leave work.

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