Final Numbers for the Bike Commute Challenge

So here’s the final tally:

2008 Results

Participating workplaces: 1,073
Participating riders: 10,689
Miles biked: 1,235,219

This compares to 2007

2007 Results

Participating workplaces: 888
Participating riders: 9,746
Miles ridden: 922,835
Trips by bike: 101,269

It’s definitely growing. And this was the fourth year, it started in 2005. I’m still logging my bike trips on the BTA’s Web site, helps me keep track of how much I’m riding and spur me to ride more when I slack off. I finally broke the 500-mile mark on my bike last week when I rode in!


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2 Responses to Final Numbers for the Bike Commute Challenge

  1. metaljaybird says:

    500 miles? I think you’re catching up to me! Now I have to get rolling…

    Keep it up.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Well, bear in mind that’s since I bought the bike in May! It looks like my bike commuting may be at a halt until next spring now, it’s so dark in the morning and almost dark again by the time I leave in the afternoon, plus the rains are going to start and I’m not sure I’m up for riding when it’s 30º and raining sideways!

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