Bike Commuter Benefits Act

Wow, am I slow out of the starting gate. I just found out this morning that this bill was tacked onto the Wall Street bailout, in an effort to get Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) to sign the bill (which he initially voted against). I don’t exactly know how this will play out, how to qualify for this measly $20/month, but it takes effect next year (2009). If you already get some kind of commuting subsidy from your employer, like a monthly bus pass, you won’t qualify. It does sound like it’s not mandatory, and employers can still elect NOT to abide by it, which I admit I don’t understand. Bike Portland has more on it, and Yokota Fritz has the text of the bill at his site, Twenty bucks isn’t much, but when you’re first gearing up to become a bike commuter, it can help. I’m just sorry it was tacked onto this bailout, and people will point fingers at more “pork”.


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2 Responses to Bike Commuter Benefits Act

  1. metaljaybird says:

    I wish the bill never happened. As you can see, it did not give confidence to Wall Street.

    Let the pigs die.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    The execs who did this to the country world should have their personal bank accounts, multi-million dollar homes, everything confiscated to pay for the mess. Even that may not cover all of it, but it’d be a start. It’s obscene that they are allowed to profit from this.

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