Another Alaska

So further to my comments about some of Swell Sarah’s neighbors lacking indoor plumbing and electricity, AKMuckraker posted this article today, with some very telling photos and a story from someone who was in the Alaska bush, of the things the residents there deal with as part of their everyday lives. Who speaks for these people? We have this idea that “those in charge” are working for the welfare of their constituents. And when they don’t, what’s the average person to do? If nothing else, maybe one good thing will come out of Caribou Barbie’s run for the White House: it’s put our countrymen in Alaska into the forefront of the national consciousness. It’s a world apart from Sarah and Todd’s 17 snowmobiles, plane, and fancy house (which they look so gosh-darn good in, dontcha know). I realize people in other parts of the country are also in dire straits, but Alaska does seem to be particularly forgotten. Most of us in the lower 48 have never even been to that area. Perhaps something good will come of this, after all.


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4 Responses to Another Alaska

  1. maryjblog says:

    The thing about Palin and her nuke-yew-lar family is that they like to present themselves as good ol’ salt-of-the earth regular Alaskans, but they look to me like dime-a-dozen avaricious suburbanites who are too lazy to come down here to the lower 48 and bump elbows with the rest of us.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Or as Roseanne Barr once said (referring to herself) they are “trailer trash with money”. I was thinking the other day that she’s like an anachronism, like she’s got a 1950’s, Cold War mindset. She seems to think white America is the pinnacle of achievement, and she’s all in favor of equal rights, and civil rights, as long as “THOSE PEOPLE” don’t come anywhere near her. Her jingoist ideas of “America being the greatest force for good on earth” (I believe that’s what she said the other day) I think is what got me thinking that. She really needs to get out (of the country) more.

  3. maryjblog says:

    When we were kids, when there was no internet or cable and travel, even long-distance phone calls were expensive, I can understand how it might have been understandable that somebody living all the way up there might be a little behind the times, but this is 2008 and there is just no excuse for her. I read she never even had a passport until 2 years ago. The trouble is, she LOOKS like somebody who should be famous, but then she opens her mouth and you want to yell “shut up and go back yo yer doublewide!”

  4. Digital Dame says:

    I think she got a little powerdrunk up there, being a big fish in a little pond (metaphorically speaking,clearly Alaska is not small). She got it into her head that she was somehow capable of playing in the big leagues, after winking and finagling her way to the top of that particular heap. She thought her small-town machinations could carry her onto the world stage. Unfortunately for her, the rest of the world doesn’t much care about American hillbilly attitudes.

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