Bike Commute Challenge Finale

Well, I only managed to commute in by bike six times during September. The goal was at least seven trips by bike, so I ended up one shy. Still, despite that, I racked up 142.5 miles! That’s the third highest of the people from my company who were part of the Challenge (#1 rode 171 miles, #2 rode 165.5). My commute rate was 27.3%, but I have no idea how they arrived at that. The #1 mileage holder rode 27.8%. Hmm. There will be an awards party on Oct. 8 to hand out raffle prizes, announce the winners and so on, beer and pizza.

I did ride in yesterday, first time in over a week, and it felt great. But dang it’s dark in the morning! I was a little worried about encountering a skunk or deer on the road. We have both in abundance in these parts. Spring is “dead skunk season” when you see the roadkill all over the place. Poor little dudes. I think I mentioned I had one on my front porch about a week or so ago, eating the cat food that I’d left out for my cat during the day, but forgot to bring in when I got home. When I did finally remember to go and get it, it was too late. Luckily, I didn’t startle it when I opened the door (there is also a screen door so I don’t think it saw me. They have terrible eyesight) so I gently shut the door and left well enough alone. I didn’t smell anything so I guess it was happy. I thought about grabbing my camera and getting a shot of it, but was afraid that might put an end to the goodwill between us.

But anyway, I happily did not encounter any live critters on the ride yesterday. The BTA’s Web site still has an active calendar for logging commute rides, so if the weather holds I’ll try to ride in a few more times this fall. I did pretty well on the hills (ok, so not “good” if measured against a strong rider, but for me), definitely seeing improvement. I need to ride more if I really want to see a big difference. I’m not cutting any time off the ride, but it’s not nearly as hard as the first few times.


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2 Responses to Bike Commute Challenge Finale

  1. justwilliams says:

    Wouldn’t it be good if everyone commuted by bike as often as you? It would be good for health, for reducing traffic congestion and pollution, and for the safety (and popularity) of cycling.
    Keep it up. I have been more or less out of action with the mother of all colds for the past ten days but it is going now. Might get out again tomorrow.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been so under the weather. Chicken soup! 🙂 I swear by the stuff. Hopefully you’ll feel up to a short ride soon.

    I do wish more people would at least try to bike commute, even once in awhile. One of the guys I work with lives 3 miles from work, but he drives everyday. Ugh. Makes me nuts. If I lived that close, I’d NEVER drive! It’s so unfair. But with the average commute by car at 45 minutes, I can understand that it’s hard to find a way to bike commute. Not everyone will be willing to do what I do, with driving part/biking part. It does make for a long day, and time is what most people are stretched too thin on. That’s why I only do it a couple times a week, the days I ride nothing gets done at home!

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