Screeching Halt

Argh. I think my bike commuting may be at a temporary end. The intersection right at the beginning of my ride, just past where I drop the car and start the bike ride, is under heavy construction right now. They’ve been working on the whole area pretty much since I started the bike commuting: grading (read: removing) hillsides, widening lanes, etc., but this morning it was down to one lane, and nearly at a standstill. Two guys on bikes were trying to make their way through the maze of cars and orange barrels, and it wasn’t pretty. Unless I can find somewhere else to park the car, I may have to cease and desist until they get the worst of the construction finished. Phooey.

UPDATE 9-26:  When I drove by this morning, it looked a little more organized, and traffic seemed to be flowing normally. I still saw the sign warning of lane closure further up, but did see another cyclist coming through the intersection in the direction I’d be riding. I think I’ll give it a try next week again, provided it still looks ok on Monday.


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5 Responses to Screeching Halt

  1. maryjblog says:

    damn. Is there any chance you could find someplace else to leave your car, a mile or two past the construction?

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Not really. That was the biggest holdup before I started biking was trying to find someplace to leave the car. It’s just all farms and private homes out there. I’m hoping against hope that the worst of the construction will be over in a couple weeks, which wouldn’t be too bad. They’ve been working on the hills (er, removing the hills) for the last few weeks anyway, but now that they have the road down to one lane, it’s just too dangerous to ride there. I tried to let a cyclist over yesterday morning, and some goddamned SUV went flying around on my left side in the middle of the road. He could have killed the cyclist. Once they get that lane opened back up it should be ok, I’ve had to navigate past the orange barrels all along with no trouble, but you know how cranky people get behind the wheel if they get slowed down by construction.

  3. Digital Dame says:

    Well, it looks like my hiatus may be short-lived. When I drove through this morning, the traffic seemed to be moving just fine, and I saw another cyclist at the light coming up from the direction I’d be when I ride. I think I’ll give it a try again next week. I wish I’d brought stuff in for Monday, but I’ll have to drive some of the load in on Monday, and ride on Tuesday. Thursday is threatening rain, but that’s a week away.

  4. Digital Dame says:

    Hi Les! I saw that on your blog I think yesterday. I am in awe. I need to look into immigration requirements for NL!! 🙂 Hope you’re having more fun today, loving all the pics and trip reports.

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