Fall Approacheth

Nights are getting chilly again, into the lower 40s. Yesterday at noon when I went jogging I noticed the angle of the sun is much lower already, it felt more like 3:00 than 12:00. The maple tree in my front yard started dropping leaves a good week ago, although there aren’t enough to bother raking up yet. I have a hard time raking them anyway. This tree goes bright yellow, not red, and when the leaves are all down on the lawn, and the sun hits them in the afternoon it casts a bright golden glow into my living room. I hate to see that end. But the yard nazi neighbor will probably report me to the city if I don’t rake them immediately. The guy who used to live across the street (nice older man, retired) took out a wonderful old oak tree on the west side of his house. I guess he was tired of raking up the leaves. Now there are just the two birches in the front yard that mostly shed into my yard. One after another people have removed so many trees since I moved in here 16 years ago. My poor old apple tree is in desperate need of pruning, one branch actually broke from the weight of the apples on it this year. The saddest thing is this tree is so tall you can’t get at the apples. I’d need a cherry-picker or a helicopter to fly over and lower me in a basket to pick the apples. Seriously, this tree is at least 30′ tall. The birds and squirrels get most of the good apples on the top.

The shot of the front yard shows my blue spruce, and part of the maple tree. The little faux well is actually my neighbor’s.

looking east in the morning

looking east in the morning

Here’s a shot looking southwest from my front porch. The road is wider than it looks here, two cars can pass comfortably. The wide swath of open grass there on the other side is where the oak tree used to be.

my street

my street

When the maple turns gold I’ll get a photo of it posted.

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6 Responses to Fall Approacheth

  1. maryjblog says:

    Does the town really take action when Lawn Nazi complains that you haven’t raked your leaves? Can you let him complain a few times, so they’ll get tired of his bullshit and stop responding? If you don’t get a ticket or a fine or anything like that, I’d let it slide till Halloween or so, then run the lawn mower w/the bag attachment on, and just throw the chopped up leaves in a bag, or however you guys dispose of lawn refuse – that’s what Fang does. You could really chap his ass (your neighbor, I mean, not Fang; he’s on YOUR side!) and start a nice stinky compost heap, but that does attract animals…

  2. Digital Dame says:

    They did once, when I let the grass grow too tall on my side of the fence that borders my yard and the YN’s yard. I got a nasty-gram in the mail saying to mow it, or they would come out and do it to the tune of $500. It’s just a little strip of ground on the side of my driveway, so now I just put down some heavy-duty chemicals to kill anything over there, and whaddya know, OOPS, looks like I oversprayed a bit onto his bushes. I frequently find trimmings from his bushes in my yard so I figure I’m entitled to kill the damn things.

  3. metaljaybird says:

    I always wondered what the term “private property” meant. I guess it is a fantasy term that only exists in Snow White.

  4. Digital Dame says:

    Evidently. When I was out doing a New Year yard cleanup with the help of a couple friends a couple years back, YN and his son (bear in mind YN must be in his 90s by now, son in his 60s at least) saw fit to stand in YN’s driveway and make very LOUD comments obviously designed for all of us to hear about how nice the yard was looking. My friend stopped and looked at me and said “You have the rudest neighbors in the world. You need to move!” She’s Japanese, this kind of behavior is just unconscionable to her. Every time I would be out in my yard, doing anything, YN would find it necessary to walk by, or drive by and stop to make some comment. My only consolation is he can’t live forever.

  5. I like the new look! Did you have to upgrade to get this one?

  6. Digital Dame says:

    Hi McB,

    Thanks, glad you like it. I think it’s easier to read, especially the sidebar. No, no upgrade necessary, it’s one of their regular themes. It’s called Ocadia, if you’re interested. It’s not overly customizable, but I’m happy with it for now. I do like to redecorate once in awhile 😉

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