Fourth Day Commuting by Bike

I am proud to say I am persevering, and this is the first time I’ve ridden in twice in one week! I’m becoming more accustomed to the routine, which was a huge shift for me. Just packing the panniers the night before and making sure I didn’t forget anything vital had me on pins and needles. Even when I rode in on Tuesday I could feel I was a little nervous sitting with traffic at stoplights, but lo and behold, I experienced none of that nervousness today. Yay! Real progress! The hills are still tough, but maybe just ever so slightly less tough.

Tuesday afternoon as I was changing into my biking clothes to ride home I ran into another woman who also bike commutes. We had a great chat about our rides. She rides a recumbent bike because of a problem with one of her knees, but despite that she was working up to five days in a row riding this week!

My de facto cycling mentor is back in town for a couple weeks so I’ve been having some great conversations with him about all things bikey. He’s actually one of the managers I support but has been over in the UK on a lengthy assignment. He should be returning to the States permanently by the end of September. He’s been cycling a looong time, he’s one of those typical tall, lanky fellows who looks like he lives in the saddle (which he largely does). He observed that the roads in England are not as smooth as in this area, but a huge plus to cycling over there is he feels much safer on the road and cars don’t seem at all bothered by bikes. Maybe someday it will be that way here. We live in hope. He even rode his bike in Tuesday and was surprised to find so many more people cycling now than when he left back in February. I’ve noticed there are more women among the cyclists I see, which is great. And as always, almost everyone at least nods their head in passing, most actually called out “Good morning” across traffic as we passed eachother. It’s so much more pleasant than being in a car, with some tool tailgating me all the way down the road at 55 mph. I had a dump truck tailgate me most of the way home yesterday, and almost called the police, but he finally turned off. He may not have been as close as it seemed, but that rig wasn’t going to stop on a dime if someone had pulled out in front of me and cut me off.

Biking is better.


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4 Responses to Fourth Day Commuting by Bike

  1. Nick says:

    It’s great that cyclists are sociable enough there to say ‘good morning’ to each other as they pass. But I’m glad they don’t do it where I ride to work (in the Netherlands); everyone would have lost their voices from over-use by the time they arrived at work!

  2. Digital Dame says:

    hehe! How nice that there are that many people biking over there! Over here we’re still such a novelty you sort of feel an instant camaraderie with anyone else biking. It sort of reinforces that one is not a complete loon to be biking when others are spotted doing likewise.

  3. maryjblog says:

    You are the real deal, Didge! How long does it take you to commute by bike? What time do you have to leave in the moring?

  4. Digital Dame says:

    Well that’s the ugly part. I leave my house around 5:45 to drive to the car-drop point so I can be on the bike and pedaling by 6:10 or so. The first day I rode I was so nervous about it I was awake before 5:00 so it was easy enough to be up that early! Forgot to add that it generally takes me 60-65 minutes to ride the 13.5 miles to the office. This gets me there by 7:20, allowing enough time to lock up the bike, get to the showers to clean up and change clothes (I shower, do hair and makeup at work, so saves me some hot water at home too!).

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