Latest on Dr. Jekyll (aka Christopher Thompson)

I’ve been trying to find any news on this case, this is the only thing I’ve been able to find recently. It includes a video from CNN. Not surprisingly the good doctor pleaded not guilty. And in case anyone thinks he might have been in a hurry to get to the hospital for an emergency, he is a FORMER ER doctor. He now runs a medical billing company. Maybe he was afraid he was going to miss his tee time at the local driving range.


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2 Responses to Latest on Dr. Jekyll (aka Christopher Thompson)

  1. Just unbelievable.

    The comments section has some good points:

    Why do so many mainstream media reports refer to bicyclists running through stop signs, and our alleged lack of concern over the rules of the road? It has little, to nothing, to do with this particular story. Did these guys deserve to be assaulted for some sort of collective guilt of bike riders?

    After all, how many motorists obey the speed limits? Not many, I’d say. Does that mean I can pull up to any driver and punch them in the face, and use that as a justification?

  2. Digital Dame says:

    So true! Everyone sort of tacitly ignores the “California-stop” (roll through the stop without actually stopping) but let a cyclist do it and you’d think Armageddon was about to commence. And speeding? Wow, especially in CA, if you’re not doing at least 20 mph over the limit, they’ll practically run you off the road. I lived there for nine years, that is some aggressive driving.

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