Better and better

I rode in again today, 13.5 miles (ok, technically it’s 13.48, but I figure I make up the other 2/10 of a mile walking from one building where I shower down to my cube in another building). I think I did a little better today. There are a couple of fairly steep hills coming in, and I stood up and pedaled which seemed to help power up them, but I was definitely huffing and puffing. I did seem to recover my breath a little faster, and I felt great by the time I reached the campus. Interestingly, two large semis heading in opposite directions were sitting on the road on campus blocking both lanes, and the drivers were talking about who-knows-what, with one car sitting behind one waiting for them to finish. Haha, I rode onto the grass around them and kept going! Neener-neener-neener. Ok, so I’m five-yrs-old. I shaved about 5 minutes off the ride this morning from the last time. There’s a school I ride past that has a permanent electronic speed sign to keep people from whizzing through which is fun to use to clock myself. Last time I went past I was just coasting at 8mph. Today I was pedaling semi-hard, I hit 15mph.

But dang it was cold out there. I need to look into getting those wooly tights, these shorts are not going to cut it much longer. I could see my breath, and there was fog in places again. I need to remember my camera next time, I can get a really nice shot of Mt. Hood in one place. Once one of the fields I pass turns back into a pond during the rainy season, and I’m hoping to get a shot of a large white bird (not sure if it’s a heron or a great white egret. Great Blue Herons are common around here, the white ones not so much) that hangs out there. Haven’t seen him since the pond dried up over the summer.

So the bike is parked in my boss’s cube (too much crap in mine, my cube looks like a little warehouse) which he’s fine with ’cause everyone will think he’s the athlete!


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4 Responses to Better and better

  1. metaljaybird says:

    Cool, keep it up!

    I didn’t ride today, but will on the way home.

    And on the electronic speed sign, I have one on the way home, and I’ll try to pedal it faster knowing it is coming just so I can look cool for the midge football kids, and others hanging out in the park. Then I slow down after passing the sign. Yeah, I’m deceptive 🙂

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Haha, I just like to see how fast I can get going. But it’s a 20 mph speed limit there for cars, so I guess I need to keep it to 20 on the bike as well. I plan to ride in tomorrow, weather was grimy today, but will be nice tomorrow.

  3. sauer kraut says:

    The difference between .5 and .48 is how far? My math says about x feet. Which is far less than the 1560 feet of 2/10ths.


  4. Digital Dame says:

    Ack, that should have been 2/100! Good catch 😉

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