Rain, rain

After sweltering in 100+ degree heat for 3 days, it dropped into the mid-80s yesterday, although it was very muggy (at least for this area). Today, it’s pouring and we’re having thunder and lightning (wow, lots of thunder).

It’s pretty unusual to have rain and thunder/lightning storms here in August. East of the Cascade Range they get them far more often than the west side, it’s a rarity over here. Due to the heat I hibernated over the weekend. I think I stepped outside the house twice on Saturday – once to get the mail, and once to turn the soaker hose on for my roses. Too dang hot to ride, even at the crack of dawn. I don’t think it got below 80 even overnight.

Glad I didn’t plan to ride today, but I haven’t been on the bike since I rode to work last Tuesday. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry, so I think I’ll plan on riding in again. If all goes well, Friday is looking good too. Still have to get the fenders, and rain gear to ride in. This has been kind of expensive getting all outfitted for this. But by god I love my bike. Did I tell you it lives in my living room? Kind of makes it look like a college dorm room, but there’s no room in the garage, and I like having it right there if I decide to hop on and go for a spin. Besides, it’s pretty 😉


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3 Responses to Rain, rain

  1. Yup, gaining the determination to get out there in the rain or the heat is a tough one.

    It is all more expensive than you would have thought, eh? The great thing about cycling garb, though, is that if you spend some dough on the good quality stuff, it really will last for a long time. I got into cycling about 8 years ago, and I still have everything i’ve ever bought (besides bike parts – those have gone through many trades and upgrades), except for some new gloves a couple of times, and some new cleats for the bottoms of my cycling shoes.

    Probably the best investment you can make is in your shorts. It hurts the spend over $100 on them, but you’ll know why when you ride in them.

  2. Oh, to clarify, the $100 is for bib shorts. Regular shorts rarely get that expensive, and women don’t usually wear the bibs.

  3. Digital Dame says:

    Hi McB,

    Yes, I have some of the nice padded shorts 😉 Totally worth every penny. And that’s very true, most of this stuff will last for years. I do want a new pair of gloves already, though. I didn’t notice when I bought the ones I have that there is only padding on the outside of the palm, not the full palm. I find I do notice my palms get sore on the side with no padding, wish I would have looked harder at the gloves when I bought them.

    I don’t do well in extreme heat anyway, so trying to ride hard in that would have been just dangerous for me. Even running when it hits 90 and I’ll verge on heatstroke. I guess I’m too acclimated to the cooler weather here in OR now, can’t take that heat anymore!

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