Yet More Road Rage Against Cyclists

Portland may be the US utopia for cyclists, but we have plenty of folks here who for some unfathomable reason hate bicycles on the road. I did pass one guy this morning riding a bad stretch of road, where the little bit of shoulder sort of comes and goes. It’s a narrow two-lane stretch, 55MPH speed limit (I refuse to ride it). I guess it’s been built up in some places over the years, but it’s not uniform all the way down the road. Anyway, this guy was not in the shoulder portion, he was kind of out into traffic, no lights on the bike, kind of dark clothing. Even I was a little annoyed. He could have pulled over into a driveway for a few seconds to let the clump of cars behind him get by, but he didn’t (and yes, I have done that).

But there was this incident yesterday, on one of the roads I was on, Boones Ferry. At least this time witnesses were able to get details to the police and the two in the pickup truck were arrested and charged. (I had reached my car and was long past this area when it happened.)


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7 Responses to Yet More Road Rage Against Cyclists

  1. Whoa, that’s scary. I guess because there are so many cyclists around Portland compared to other cities, there are bound to be more confrontations. Just like bigger cities with more cars have more auto accidents.

    I would be curious to know how the guys in the truck came to get out of the truck and approach the cyclist. Like why didn’t the cyclist just ride off?

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Maybe he was afraid they would just keep chasing him. I was kind of thinking yesterday as I was riding home, using what little energy I had left, that if I found myself in a threatening situation, it would be beyond me at that point to outride someone who meant to do me harm. If the guy wasn’t a strong cyclist, or his “fight-or-flight” response was telling him to fight, he was probably beyond having the presence of mind to simply try to leave the scene.

  3. justwilliams says:

    I have nominated your blog for an award. Details are on my blog in the post entitled “An award for me?”. Hope you approve. Best wishes.

  4. Digital Dame says:

    Thanks, DS. I’ve read that article, I like Paul’s site a lot. I do think it’s important for women to be more vigilant, anywhere, not just on bikes. Knowing some basic self-defense is a great start, and knowing how to use what you have as a weapon, carrying pepper-spray, etc. can be helpful. I’m not easily intimidated (like the yells and whistles I got from the employees of a fast-food franchise as I coasted by), I spent eight years in the Navy so I’m pretty good at handling myself 😉 Even if I can’t sprint away on the bike (although who knows? In a situation like that people often muster strength they didn’t know they had) I can be quite resourceful.

  5. dsangie says:

    Awesome! sounds like you’ll be fine. I live near lotsa farms, backwoods, old run down towns here and there. Lotsa pick up truck types, even some are spray painted camoflage, (knocking wood) I have’nt had any serious run ins yet. But I’ve thought about getting a nice long frame pump with a fat metal head, just cause its retro cool of course.

  6. Digital Dame says:

    As a former Jersey girl myself (Asbury Park vicinity), I’m surprised there are so many rednecks in your area. Out here of course, it’s a whole ‘nother story. I always wonder about people who, in an urban, or suburban, environment have the camo-thing going on. Very scary.

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