Second Half of Inaugural Bike Commute

I guess I should have waited to write about the ride until after the return trip to get home! What I thought was going to be mostly downhill, was not. Since I was already tired from the morning ride in, my muscles were complaining loudly about working more. Luckily it wasn’t too hot, and there was a good breeze. The bad news is, it was a headwind most of the way up the hills. Ugh. That was about the slowest I could go and still see forward movement. I got close to getting off the bike and walking, and then Dory’s voice from “Finding Nemo” popped into my head: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…!” Just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling. I was afraid if I got off the bike and stopped, I didn’t know if I could get going again, I was that tired. By this time the end was nearly in sight so that helped motivate me to keep going. Actually, now that I think about it, I did stop once to get a good drink of water, I’m not adept enough to reach down and pull the water bottle out of the holder while I’m riding without killing myself. But I made it, and surprisingly felt pretty much ok when I got home. My legs just aren’t used to that much of a workout, but I figure next time will be better. I’m a little sore today, but really not bad. The whole ride, morning and afternoon combined amounts to 27 miles, so I finally broke 200 miles (224 to be precise) on the bike! A year ago when I started running I couldn’t last one minute without huffing and puffing and having to stop and walk.  Now I can run for 30 minutes (ok, I won’t be entering the New York Marathon, but it’s progress), so I know each time I go out and push myself I get stronger. I’m taking today to let my muscles recover, and the next two days are supposed to be around 100°F/38°C so I’m not planning to ride. Maybe next week again, if the weather cooperates.  And I STILL don’t have fenders, so hopefully it won’t rain.

Oh, and that guy that passed me twice in the morning? He passed me with another fellow in the afternoon, just starting out on Boones Ferry Road. He really needs to try riding Avery, it would cut a lot of time off his ride. I got stuck at the light on BFR, turning onto Avery, and he and the other guy were long gone out of sight. When I got to the end of Avery to turn onto Tualatin-Sherwood, guess who was just passing Avery on T-S? Maybe they like going the long way, who knows.


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2 Responses to Second Half of Inaugural Bike Commute

  1. Hi DD, glad you made it ok!

    I would have expected that you had already done a test ride, so as to know what the route was like! I have a friend at work that kept wanting to start riding to work, but was not really a cyclist, but was pretty fit for other reasons.

    Still, I warned her, she needed to give it a test run because there are some pretty good hills to conquer. She kept putting off riding to work, and never had time on the weekends to try it. She finally just did it one morning, and pushed herself to exhaustion. She felt like crap all day, and needed a ride home in the afternoon.

    Not like your story, but I just thought I’d tell it.

    Just keep pedaling! haha, that’s funny. I often do something similar, like I get a song or even one line from a song stuck in my head, and I just repeat it to the rhythm of my labored breathing. It kind of distracts from the pain. I believe tackling a tough hill is just as much mental as it is physical. One will never know their limits unless they push them from time to time.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Hiya McB,

    Well, I had intended to do a test run, but like your friend never quite got around to it. Luckily I felt fine at work, it was just pumping up those hills on the way home that got iffy at a couple points. But as you say, you never know your limits unless you push yourself. Now I know I can do it, and I’m sure next time will be ever so slightly less difficult. I just looked at the ground as I kept going, instead of looking up at how much farther I still had to go! It works for me when running, too. I even felt ok when I got home. My legs definitely felt it, but I didn’t pass out when I got home like I expected. I can be very determined. 😉

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