Share the Road Sighting

I forgot to mention, when I was taking the bike in on Thursday to get the derailleur readjusted, I ended up next to a car at a light that had one of those “Share the Road” license plates. That’s the first one I’ve seen on the road. I was very excited to see one, but of course didn’t realize it until he got ahead of me when the light changed. I drive a wee bit slower and more cautiously with the bike on the back, I’m still not used to that. I’ve only done it three times now, but I’m getting pretty fast at getting the rack on the car, and bike on the rack and secured. Nothing like field practice.


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2 Responses to Share the Road Sighting

  1. Nick says:

    I’ve just bought a bike rack for the car, so I’m pleased to see your comment that mounting it gets easier; to me at the moment it’s a pain (but I do appreciate being able to cycle ‘away from home’).

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Hi Nick,

    This will be good for a laugh. When I first got the thing I was so perplexed by how to get it on the car, I think it was a week before I finally figured it out! I ended up having to use what they call the “glass hooks”, which according to the directions I would need to special order. Turns out they were included in the box, which I didn’t realize at the time. I was so annoyed I nearly took the thing back to the store. The bottom of my trunk doesn’t have metal to hook to (there’s a plastic lip on it, and the metal hooks wouldn’t fit). So now I drop the glass hooks in the trunk, get the straps as straight as possible and shut the trunk on them. Then I can finish connecting the rest of it. Only takes me a minute now that I have it figured out! 🙂

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