Assault on Iowa Hill (redux)

It was very cool (60F/15C) and cloudy and breezy this morning, very atypical for August in these parts. Stifling heat around 100F (37C) is more the norm. I’ll take the cool and cloudy, thank you very much. In fact, to the north the foothills of the Cascade Range were being menaced by some very dark clouds.

Dark clouds to the north

Dark clouds to the north

Riding west was heading into the wind. I was very glad I had my windbreaker on. There were a couple times I pulled off the road to wait for traffic to pass. Tongue Lane (yes, really) is another narrow, two-lane road through farm country. You can see there’s not much of a shoulder to ride in.

Heading towards the golf course

Heading towards the golf course

Just across the road was this. Not sure what they are growing here.

Well-tended farm

Well-tended farm

So here is a shot from a couple miles away looking up at Iowa Hill. It doesn’t look like much in the picture, the road sort of undulates on the way. I think I got a little further up the hill this time than a couple weeks ago, but there’s still no way I can take this hill. But, it’s a goal to strive for! There aren’t many markers on the map so I’m guessing at how far I went.

Looking up at Iowa Hill

Looking up at Iowa Hill

I passed some farms on the way back on Johnson School Road that had rusting old farm equipment as lawn ornaments. One even had a big anchor, not quite sure about that. Maybe on my next ride I will photograph those, make that my theme. I passed this reservoir, designated on the map only as SIC Reservoir.



I took this shot of these water cannons that the farmers use to irrigate the fields, because I neglected to mention on my post last Saturday that when I passed the field across from one of the golf courses, these were being put to a different use than water.

Water Cannon

Water Cannon

This was a new one on me, but they were spewing (wait for it…) manure. I kid you not. The stench almost made my eyes tear up! It still stunk today, but not quite as bad. Wow. That was foul.

And here’s a shot of the Tualatin River, followed by one of my bike sitting on the bridge where I took the pic of the river.

Tualatin River, looking east from bridge on Rood Bridge Rd.

Tualatin River, looking east from bridge on Rood Bridge Rd.

my bike, taking a well-deserved break

my bike, taking a well-deserved break

So that’s pretty much it for today. Another 20.24 miles logged!


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7 Responses to Assault on Iowa Hill (redux)

  1. Les says:

    Looks like you had an awesome ride! One thing I noticed is that the roads are pristine. Are my eyes deceiving me? Up here in Ottawa, the Winters make the roads pretty shabby at times.

    Enjoyed the pics!


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Well, they’re probably not as smooth and shiny as they look in the pics 😉 but I imagine they’re in better shape than up in your area. We typically only have a couple snowy days in the winter here, although frosts and ice on the road are not uncommon. I don’t think we get anything like the freezing and thawing I imagine you get up there, which is of course anathema to pavement. There was one road I went on last weekend that gave me a small idea of what running a jackhammer must be like. It looked ok, you couldn’t tell by looking at it, but rolling over it on the bike was quite an experience. But yes, some of the roads here are in really good shape.

  3. maryjblog says:

    every time you take Iowa Hill, you should pack a tiny can of paint and leave a dot on the shoulder so you can keep track of how far you’re getting each time.

  4. Digital Dame says:

    That’s not a bad idea. I need to find someway to keep track, that’s for sure. Eventually I’ll break down and buy a cyclocomputer.

  5. roopster says:

    Nice Pics. Like the new format.


  6. Digital Dame says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for dropping by! Thanks, I like this new format a lot, I think it’s a little easier on the eyes.

  7. justwilliams says:

    It is fascinating to see the places where other folks live and cycle (and if you can locate them on Google Earth it adds to the fun) and you photos are great.

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