Personal Best

Silly me. Friday night I mapped out a new biking route on, because I was getting bored with riding the same route every weekend. I wanted to increase my distance, the 14 mile ride I’d been doing only took about an hour, so I wanted to push myself a little, and frankly one hour was just too short. So I mapped out this new route, only I failed to check the terrain. Well, I sure got a surprise as I rounded the curve, and saw Iowa Hill in my future. Even still, I went on, to see how far I could make it before I ended up walking the bike. Ha, didn’t get too far before I decided that way lay madness. I finally checked online today, Iowa Hill has an 1130 foot summit. Now I don’t feel so bad about wimping out. I’m nowhere near in shape enough to tackle that. Might as well be on the Tour de France trying to get through the Alps. I finally just turned around and started down, I’m not actually sure how high up I got before I did but as you can imagine , it wasn’t too far. Maybe I’ll take that road again just far enough to get a good photo of it and post it here. I don’t always feel like hauling the camera with me.

But I did increase my distance. My morning ride ended up being 20 miles, and then yesterday afternoon I rode over to my son’s apartment and back, adding another six miles for a new daily total of 26. Not too shabby. No wonder I’m tired today!


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4 Responses to Personal Best

  1. mjb says:

    Wow…that is an impressive commute. My shabby 12 mile round trip sounds like a joke now. How hilly is your commute?

  2. digitaldame says:

    Hi MJB,

    Glad you stopped by. Parts of the route are very hilly. I haven’t actually started riding it yet, I’m still working out where to drop the car. I’m hoping to only ride about half of it, so it’d be 12 miles like you do (mostly due to time, I can ride 14 miles in about 50 minutes). Some of the hills are steeper than others, but it’s a lot of up and down! How long have you been bike commuting?

  3. mjb says:

    I started commuting in mid May. I am really glad I started. Though NJ is nowhere as bike friendly as Portland.

  4. digitaldame says:

    Haha, how well I know that! I’m a former Jersey girl 🙂 I don’t get back there very often to visit, and believe it or not there are things I miss. I grew up in Ocean Twp. (next to Asbury Park). When I was a kid there I used to ride my old Huffy 10-speed (which I still have, but it’s not in good shape) all over to see my friends, go to the library, to the beach, where ever.

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