More Road Rage

More cars and bikes mixing it up. Again, the fruitloop was using “intoxicants”, only this time it was the motorist, a 21-yr-old. And as anyone who has raised kids can tell you they still know it all at that age. This time, however, it was all caught on tape. Motorist behaving badly, bicyclist gets mouthy, motorist chases down cyclist with cyclist ending up on the hood of the car.

This is why I’m not a big fan of taking it upon yourself to try to correct other people’s bad behavior. This really could have ended tragically, for both parties. Luckily it seems these two are getting a second chance.


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4 Responses to More Road Rage

  1. Obi says:

    Ah, I remember a few months ago when one of my friends got hit by a car while biking. She got extremely lucky that there were no cars in the oncoming lane at the moment of the collision, because she was knocked straight into it. If there had been a green light on, one can only wonder what would have happened…


  2. digitaldame says:

    Hi Obi,

    I hope your friend is ok now??? Yes, it’s scary out there sometimes. I just don’t understand the fury that bicyclists seem to inspire in drivers. If the cyclist is riding recklessly and not obeying the laws, I get annoyed but not to the point of wanting to run them down.

  3. Wow!

    A few weeks ago I was walking out of the grocery store. A cyclist was doing everything he was supposed to be doing going through the parking lot. A car started to pull out, didn’t see the cyclist, and slammed on the brakes and honked a lot. Obviously thinking the cyclist didn’t belong on the same planet as him and his car.

    Then I watched the car CHASE the cyclist around the parking lot TWICE, yelling “Get off the bike, FAGGOT!”

    I made sure to watch this intently, so I could be a witness in case anyone got hurt. It seems the cyclist was able to elude the driver, luckily. Who knows what would have happened.

    It’s so insane how peoples ego’s get bruised so easily, and feel they need to take revenge. Even honking one’s horn is almost always a revenge thing, and is done after something happens, which does nothing.

  4. Digital Dame says:

    Holy Crow! Why do people lose their minds when they get behind the wheel?? That poor cyclist was probably shaking for days afterwards. Sounds like the driver wasn’t in too much of a rush to get anywhere, since he had time to chase the cyclist twice around the parking lot.

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