Black Eye for Cyclists

Just caught this article on an altercation between car and cyclist here in Portland. I’m not sure anyone did the right thing in this situation. Was Mr. Yates correct to chastize Mr. McAtee? I’m always disheartened to see bicyclists who don’t obey all the traffic laws (and I have to say this is becoming pretty rare, most cyclists I see do everything right), but is it my place to correct them? I think this case illustrates the point that you never know about people, why they did what they did. I have to think Mr. Yates confronting Mr. McAtee was a bit foolhardy with his family in the car, and the situation devolved the way it did. The problem is you never know what someone will do. If Mr. McAtee had been on some hard drug like meth or PCB, rather than just drunk, the situation could have been much worse. Is it even fair to call Mr. McAtee a “cyclist” in the sense of someone who rides as a means of transportation? Maybe he just decided going for a ride was a good idea after he got done imbibing.

Sadder still is the “us vs. them” mentality between cyclists and motorists. Then the mob showing up, and I have to believe some of them were just there for the fun of it (some people have a strange idea of what constitutes fun).


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