Lost Camera-Land

I ran across this article on CNN.com this morning and thought in case you missed it, it deserves the widest dissemination possible. If you’ve ever lost a camera you know the heartbreak, and if you’ve ever found one, you know the mystery that stops you from just tossing it and forgetting about it. My friend Judy took a holiday in England this past April, and sadly left her camera behind in a taxi, and never found it before returning to the States. Maybe someone will eventually find this site and at least return the SD card. Cameras can be replaced, the photos are another matter. Come to think of it, I think I have an old camera that my boys brought home from a Boy Scout trip, and we never did find out who it belonged to. It’s an old instamatic, and I think still has a roll of film in it. I’ll guess I’ll get it developed and send in a couple shots and see what happens.

If the link on CNN goes away, the blog is at I Found Your Camera . Take a look through and see if you recognize anyone. One of the posters to the blog commented that they were now going to start putting little stickers on their SD memory cards with “ifoundyourcamera.com” on them. Not a bad idea.


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3 Responses to Lost Camera-Land

  1. Daniel says:

    This is the type of service that gives me hope for humanity. At the same time, it is a little “gimmicky” but it would be a great way to start a story: A lost camera, passed down a few generations, finally the film developed, a photograph reveals a clue to a mystery or tragedy or treasure, the hunt, the chase, the conclusion. I should get to work on this. http://www.bentpage.wordpress.com.

  2. yesbuts says:

    I always download my images to my laptop (backed up on an external hard drive) everyday.

    I would be heart broken if I lost my camera. 😦

  3. digitaldame says:


    I don’t see it as gimmicky, just a nice service someone started. Good start for a story, good luck with that!


    You are good! I’m one of those people who does NOT download the photos right away, which I suspect is all too common. I really need to be more careful about that, before I learn the hard way.


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