More cycling

I’ve been on two spiffy rides around town now on the new bike. I’m still debating about the straight handlebar, my wrists get a little sore after awhile, but overall I’m really stoked. I’ve followed the same route both times now, just under seven miles which takes right around a half hour. Much of it goes through neighborhood streets with stop signs at every corner so that slows me down but I did that deliberately to get in some (relatively) safe practice with the clipless pedals. So far, so good. I haven’t toppled over at a corner although I’m still fairly certain it will happen eventually. Sooner or later I’m going to forget to twist my foot at the crucial instant and over I’ll go. Ah well.

As so often happens when you take notice of something, or take some new hobby up, you begin to see mention of it everywhere. Today I ran across this little gem about women, bicycles and emancipation. Who knew? I’m still reeling over the idea of SEVEN POUNDS of underwear. If women were toting around that much under those skirts, they were in better physical condition than they thought.

And I am finding that after these rides, I get home feeling completely refreshed, upbeat and energetic. I park the bike, take off the shoes and go to town around the house. It’s fabulous. Today I went jogging on my lunch hour as I try to do, weather permitting, and I can’t say I get the same rush from running. I have yet to experience the much-talked-about “runner’s high”. I feel a little cheated. But then I don’t run too far, and not fast. I think the cycling is going to win out. If I do manage to work out the bike commuting thing the running may go by the wayside.


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