Bicycle Commuting

I’m heading out shortly to shop for a new bike. Yes, this is prompted in large part by the minute-by-minute increases in gas prices. I’m seriously looking into bike commuting, but haven’t worked out all the logistics yet. I have a long commute, 24 miles each way, so this is no small thing. What I’m hoping to be able to do is to drive to within 10 miles or so of where I work, drop the car, and bike the remaining distance. It’s not so much really, I can jog 3 miles in half an hour so 10 miles on a bike shouldn’t really take much more than that (hopefully much less). I realize this is something I’m going to have to work up to, jogging and bike riding use different muscles. I’ll also have to try out the route on a weekend, and see exactly how long it takes. Then I have to factor in time at work to shower and change clothes which I anticipate being a necessity. Luckily, there are several shower facilities at my company so that’s no problem. I’ll probably bring stuff in and leave it there (shampoo & soap, towel, make-up, hair dryer, etc.), restock when needed. I’m thinking about only doing the bike thing a couple times a week, but that would save me 40 miles of driving, in effect like not driving in one day a week. It may not be much, but everything helps. If I lived closer I’d probably do it more often. Maybe once I really get into it (perhaps I should say “if”) I could do it more often. I’ve been reading blogs and bike commuting Web sites for tips and help on how to do this. Surprisingly, there are a lot of sites out there about this. I’m still just working out the logistics, it may turn out to be more than I can work around. The biggest obstacle at this point is just where to drop the car. The way I drive now is on the backroads, past farms and private homes, no shopping centers or strip malls or large parking lots anywhere nearby. If I can get up the courage I may stop at one of the houses on the way, right about at the 10-mile point, and ask if they would let me leave my car in their lot (these folks have a large lot where they sell Christmas trees in December, so it’s not like they don’t have the space). We’ll see.


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